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Research - Innovation - Long-term Experience

Research, innovation and long-term experience are the conditions for High-Tech-Products, corresponding in high efficiency and long-term stability to the most modern manufacturing processes.

The longer application and thus the decrease in consumption are economical and ecological facts, reducing costs, offering most hygienical work places and contributing in an active way to the environmental protection.

Our special cutting and metal forming oils allow to meet the increasing porformances when cutting and forming the workpieces made of high-tensile as well as of specific light alloys. When employing new metal forming technologies, the high processing speed requires highly adaptable necessary auxiliary substances in process. Applying the cutting and non-cutting working, a great number of variables has to be optimized so that evrry single workpiece can be produced in an economic and thus cost-avoiding way. WILKE-cooling lubricants are a decisive contribution to this.

Our research helps in translation. Owing to our competence with a iong-term experionce of more than 30 years in the devolopment of high-porformance cooling lubricants, also in Ihe field of miniumum quantity cooling lubrication.